I have been working with Eddie for 1 year and 8 months…  For years I tried to loose weight on my own.  Never succeeding.  All of those stupid yo-yo cookie cutter diets never work.  Even at my heaviest weight, 260lbs I was in the gym working out thinking that was the cure.  While it helped a little, I wasn’t seeing results.  It took me 8 years to loose about 90-100lbs… Way too long.  So much frustration.  How I didn’t give up is beyond me.  Then my physical therapist introduced me to Eddie.

This was a life changing meeting for me.  Eddie say with me and went over what I was already doing, my diet, my exercise routine and asked me about medical conditions and what I did for a living.  I was 100% honest with him.  He wrote a custom plan just for me.  The first week I lost like 5lbs!!!! I was astonished!  I’ve lost about 50 pounds with his plan in 8 months time and I’ve kept it off for a year plus.

I remember training with him one day and I said to him, “I want to have an athletic looking body, I don’t just want to be thin”.  So he and I were determined to do that.  So,  if you want your life to change, or just want to lose a few, or want to compete, Eddie is your man! It’s been a pleasure working with him.

Danielle B. age 45

I have been working with Eddie for about a year and a half now. In that time I have seen tremendous change in my body composition. I was a college football player and after it was all over I wanted to be very lean for the first time in my life. When I played ball I was about 245, but after it was over I had a knee surgery and put on about 15 extra pounds. When

When i began I was 257 pounds. By the time I was done I was all the way down to 192, and for the first time in my life I had very visible muscle separation and abs. Currently, Eddie is helping me through a clean bulk in order to add lean mass at a slow pace. I am currently up to 210 pounds and still very lean. He is the best at what he does, easily accessible, and incredibly knowledgeable in his field of work. He takes great pride in what he does and I can guarantee you that he cares just as much if not more about your fitness goals than you do.

Manny D. age 23

When I signed up to work with Savage Athletics I was spending about 10 hours a week in the gym, with 5-6 of those hours being dedicated to cardio. My diet consisted of me trying to keep my daily calorie intake under 1200 calories, Not only was I always hungry, I wasn’t loosing any weight. I was exhausted and thought that at 41 years of age my body just wouldn’t budge.

I signed up with Eddie and within the first week I could see a difference. With Eddies help I have changed how I eat and I am spending less than 5 hours in the gym a week, I now have energy and feel great. The difference that I have made in the 6-7 weeks that I have been a part of the Savage Athletics team is amazing. I wish I would of signed up sooner!

Katie S. age 41

I am a former collegiate athlete and have been dedicated to health and wellness since I was 15. Being in the fitness industry it is rare where I find someone who is just as passionate about being “in shape” physically a long with mentally as much as myself. Ed doesn’t not only guide me physically on what actions to take but he also takes the time to guide and teach me mentally to help me understand why I’m doing what I’m doing. in my opinion that’s even more important, to find ones “why”.

My goal has always been to step on stage and compete because of my competitive nature. I know with Ed, eventually I will get there.. just a matter of time.

I have worked with IFBB Pro body builders all the way to Mike Ohearn. None of my past trainers come close to Ed. Most are just about selling their brand but in Ed’s case his work ethic and care for his clients do all the talking. He gives you 150% effort, and every client should reciprocate that effort.

Nick K. age 24

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