Motivation Accomplishes Nothing

Motivation.  An entire industry has been created around that one word.  Motivational speaking, books, YouTube channels, audio sets, you name it.  So many ridiculous ideas have flowed out of that industry.  “The Secret” for example.  It motivates by telling you that some invisible force opens the doors of the world to you if you just think positive.  If you imagine it and visualize it, it will happen!  You have to believe it and really believe in yourself! Magic!  Motivation! If you believe that you probably also believe Hogwarts is a real place.  Belief in “The universe” isn’t a real thing.  The stars aren’t going to magically align and aid you in your pursuits.  The idea might motivate you for 15 minutes but it’s garbage.

Motivation and the need for it are fantasy.  End of story.  It’s a feeling. That’s it.  When forward momentum slows down or stops, the feeling of motivation usually disappears.  Don’t rely on something that you have zero control over.

Motivation isn’t real and isn’t necessary because it’s never constant.  Nobody who accomplishes something big was motivated every day on the way to the finish line.  If you only work when you’re  motivated you will barely ever work.  You work when you’re tired, frustrated, filled with doubt, filled with fear, not just when you’re filled with motivation.  Motivation comes and goes like the wind.  Don’t rely on it, don’t expect it, you don’t need it.

If you have real reasons for chasing a goal then you have all the motivation you need.  This isn’t about feelings and motivation is a feeling.  “I don’t feel motivated”… I don’t care.  Do you have a goal?  Do you have good reasons for the goal?  Then go out and get it done.  You may have a bad day and things may get hard but those reasons don’t change.  Know them and move ahead because of them.  You might fall a few times.  If the goal is really big you will fall a lot.  Just keep getting up and getting back after it because laying around licking your wounds isn’t going to get you anywhere.

You can choose to work, you can choose to push ahead, but you can’t choose to be motivated.  So knock it off with the “I’m just not motivated” excuses.   Just make the choice.  It’s not motivation that’s lacking.  It’s heart and will.  If you have a goal then you have no excuse.  Fight for it and don’t stop until you beat it into submission.  Then choose the next thing to conquer.  Move the finish line another 100 yards ahead and gain that ground also.  Whatever you do, don’t stop.

If you rely on motivation, especially motivation from others, you are likely to fail.   Some of the people around you may not understand why you’re doing what you’re doing.  They might not support you and surely won’t be there for pep talks when you start to falter.  Your goal is your goal, not theirs.  It’s you and you alone.  You don’t need support and motivation from others.  You don’t need someone walking the path with you to keep you motivated.  Motivated or not you are going to have to work, most of the time alone, until it’s done.

A warrior doesn’t need motivation to fight.  A warrior fights for the sake of the fight, no matter the obstacles ahead.  Choose your fights and finish them no matter what.  If you don’t have a warrior mentality then prepare to be turned back when the life gets tough.  How many famous battles have been won against all odds by a bunch of pissed off underdogs?  It wasn’t motivation that won those battles.  It was a refusal to submit.  A refusal to turn back.  It’s about heart and will.

Alligator Blood.  If you play cards you may have heard this term.  It applies to more than just making money at the card table.  It refers to someone who can stay cool and focused on the goal no matter what abuse they endure.  They don’t fall back and when they latch on they don’t stop attacking.  It’s somebody you can’t get rid of.  It’s somebody who keeps coming back no matter what happens.  If there’s a fight, someone with alligator blood is in it until the very end.  That’s not motivation.

Whatever you do, don’t quit.  It’s weak, refuse to be weak.  Be painfully stubborn in the face of fear and failure. Thomas Edison tested over 3000 designs when working to create the light bulb.  Edison didn’t invent the lightbulb by being constantly motivated. The man was just too stubborn to quit.  Decide to move forward, and keep on marching.  Being stubborn is more valuable than being motivated.  Motivation comes and goes, stubbornness steps in when there is no energy for motivation.  The motivation may take a vacation but I have no problem slamming my head into the wall without it.  Either way that wall is coming down eventually.  Be stubborn and have the balls to keep moving forward no matter how many times you have to smash up against that wall.    Even if your skull cracks before the wall does, at least you didn’t quit.

Your goal may take longer than you planned, longer than you hoped for, it doesn’t matter.  Just don’t quit.  Any goal worth chasing means you will face some failures along the way.  Keep getting back up and pushing ahead to gain more ground.  Motivation is a weak ally in the fight.  A stubborn attitude and a commitment to finish can accomplish anything.

“The Secret” is nothing more than a never quit attitude and some balls.  Keep your motivation, I’ll put my money on old fashioned stubbornness and alligator blood.