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Our Mission

The fitness world is filled with gimmicks and fads that come around as often and as fast as they disappear. The myths and misconceptions haunt not only the person just starting their fitness journey but also the person with years of gym or competition experience.

The market is inundated with people telling you 100 different ways to reach your goal and somehow all of them claim that it’s also the best way. The truth of it is that simplicity beats trying to reinvent the wheel. All of these fads and gimmicks play on people’s attraction to the new. They make big promises but deliver small results. Most of them do way more harm than good and leave a person feeling more frustrated and confused than they were before.

My mission is to lead clients to their goals and teach them the process along the way. I want to show my clients how truly simple all of this should be. I want to not only help you reach your goal but teach you how to maintain your physique and condition once you reach it, long term.

The Results

The Savage Method

How It Works

The most popular plan is the custom coaching program. It is a completely customized meal plan and training program. We have a weekly check in to assess progress and make any needed adjustments to training, diet, and cardio.

The training program changes bi-weekly or monthly depending on the client. This plan is perfect for any physique competition prep (bikini, physique, bodybuilding etc.) and also perfect for someone just looking to get in better shape.

Whatever your goals are we work together to reach them. When signed up as a client you will have full access to me via phone/text/email during the week for any help you may need.”


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To kick off the launch of the new SavageMethod website I will be covering a few things here over the next two weeks.

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